Weekend getaway: Cheap cities in Europe

What are you looking for when traveling? A dream destination? Bring incredible experiences? That fits in the pocket?

Who does not like advantageous prices?

If you are looking for an accessible destination for a weekend, or even for your winter vacation, we have some suggestions. How about starting 2019 to travel? Among some of the most popular European cities for travelers, we suggest some destinations where you can save money when planning a travel, and which may be within your budget. For each city, we mentioned what would be the value of a weekend getaway. They were considered overnight stays of 2 nights, transportation, food and attractions throughout the city, all for 1 person. Estimates of values ​​for these and other cities can be seen on the Quanto Custa Viajar website. Now just go through Faro Airport!

Porto, Portugal

Porto is one of the European cities best known for its accessible cost of living. The city has soft temperatures, is quite hospitable and one of Portugal’s favorite destinations. Porto is also a great destination for those who want to save money: the value for a 2days getaway is around 223 euros. Porto is right there, enjoy the 5 weekly flight options from Faro Airport with Ryanair!

Nice, France

Although France is not a financially accessible country, Nice is filled with inexpensive options such as hotels, restaurants and museums. Want to get to know the French Riviera? Fly to Nice from Faro Airport on the Monday and Friday with easyJet! With 366 euros it is possible to spend a weekend and get to know its beautiful beaches, even in winter.

Munich and Berlin, Germany

Do not be fooled: Germany has leisure options that fit in your pocket! Munich and Berlin can be cheap holiday destinations. For example, a weekend in Munich can be, on average, around 333 euros. Berlin, although more popular, does not get much more expensive: 355 euros. From Faro Airport you will fly to Berlin on the Monday and Friday with Ryanair, on the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with LaudaMotion and the Monday and Friday with easyJet. To Munich, on Saturdays and Sundays with  Lufthansa and on Saturdays and Thursdays with Eurowings. What are you waiting to visit the land of the most famous beers and sausages?


London is also an accessible destination! Do not believe? The English city offers some low cost attractions and it is possible to spend a weekend there with a total cost of 311 euros. What are you waiting for? Faro Airport has more than 40 weekly direct flights to London! Go with British Airways, Ryanair or easyJet any day of the week or with Jet2 on the Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Milan, Italy

Ever wanted to know the Italian capital of fashion and design? Traveling there is more attractive now! With approximately 369 euros you can spend a weekend in the city and know its incredible museums and art galleries. Fly there with easyJet to Milan Malpensa on the Monday and Friday and with Ryanair to Milan Bergamo on Wednesdays and Sundays. Just pack your bags!

Bordeaux, France

Ah, Bordeaux! The city of prestigious vineyards and wineries … The French city is a paradise not only for wine lovers, but also for art, history and culture. The estimated value for a weekend is 453 euros. Any more good news? Faro Airport has 2 weekly flights there with easyJet, on the Monday and Friday .

You know the best of everything? All cities are within a direct flight from Faro Airport. Pack your bags now, just choose one or more destinations! 😉

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