Do you like very low temperatures, winter sweaters and SNOW? This article is for you! Definitely, Europe is a destination for all tastes, including for winter lovers. This time of year is synonymous with cold, hot drinks, and snow – but not across the continent. If on this holiday, your goal is to find a destination for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply enjoying the snow, you’ll love our tips.

When it comes to snow, it’s hard not to think about Finland. The country is 6 km from the Arctic Circle, and is a truly snow destination, with many options such as snowmobile safaris, skiing or sightseeing on frozen rivers. You can fly to Helsinki from Faro.


Prague, in the Czech Republic is also a great and affordable city where you can enjoy snow or ice-skating on frozen rivers (a truly unforgettable experience). From Faro you can get to Prague!

Copenhagen, one of the three Scandinavian capitals, is a special destination for a snowy winter. The beautiful Danish town has a special charm in the winter, and has warm wines to warm up during the period. Copenhagen is more accessible with the Faro Airport. See flight options here.

If your goal is to ski or do a winter sport, the Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain is the place! The Spanish park is 3482 m high and is a protected area with several options of resorts and lodgings.

The Nordic and Central European countries are also sure about winter sports such as Switzerland. The country, a great destination for lovers of snow and cold, has numerous places to enjoy this season, such as La Clusaz in the French Alps, Megève, formed by three great mountains and Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, on the Italian-French border and second largest mountain in Europe. The three stations are close to Geneva, you can get there from Faro Airport.

If it’s your first time going to the mountain, you may also like to discover some of the winter sports. In addition to the classic skiing, snowboarding and ice skating (on track, lake or river), there are some truly unique sports:

– Ski of Fond / Cross-Country ski: A sports included in the resistance mode, in which the sportsmen ski in long distances.

– Skeleton: Created in Switzerland, it requires a lot of athletic ability. In this sport the competitors use a form of board to slide and descend the mountain, lying under the little sleigh!

– Sled / Bobsled: A kind of sled that arrives at great speeds, practiced by two people. Sport is known as the Ice Formula 1 but can also be rented for family as an option for leisure and locomotion.

– Ice Hockey: Well known, a collective game where the goal is to score points and score goals on the opposing team. Tacos are used and participants ride with ice skates.

If you go to the mountain, you should note some safety advice:

– always check the weather forecast in advance to see if it is safe to leave;

-drink a lot of water! It is sometimes easy to forget that it is important to hydrate ourselves while doing snow sports;

– wear thermal clothing to maintain body heat- do not do extreme sports without a guide and appropriate material

– and the main … Have fun!

Cities with snow are closer to you with Faro Airport! Just plan your trip, pack your bags, pick a destination and leave!