“Life is two days, and the Carnival is three” Anonymous

Did you know that Europe is also a great destination for Carnival’ revelers?

There are a variety of festivals in many countries that celebrate Carnival, ushering out thousands of people to the streets at this time of year. Street parties, dressed-up people, lots of music, food and drink, the European Carnival is lively and full of traditions. See below the top 3 destinations to take advantage of this special festival, and fly from Faro Airport.

Cologne, Germany

Is it possible to talk about Carnival and not talk about Cologne? The Cologne Carnival is the most famous and liveliest in Germany – and perhaps even Europe. The party, very lively and traditional, is powered by lots of beer! The Carnival in Cologne begins in the Alter Market, and from there you can cross other points of the city.

There are up to 2 direct flights to Cologne from Faro Airport. Fly on Saturday and Wednesday with Eurowings.

Nice, France

Nice also has a great tradition with regards to the Carnival. The city offers a parade of floats and an event with lots of music (and party). The party in Nice revolves around two parades: during the day, the Carnival’s Parade, and at night, you can not miss the Battle of Flowers Parade.

You can fly to Nice with easyJet on Monday and Friday from Faro Airport.

Basel, Switzerland

The Basel Carnival is the best known in all of Switzerland. There are 72 continuous hours of parties (!), with various parades, people in disguises, lots of music, food, mulled wine and, of course, a lot of fun! You can fly to this traditional European Carnival with easyJet, on Monday and Friday, directly from Faro Airport. 

So, are you ready to pack and dress up in one of these destinations? You’re never too old to celebrate the Carnival.

The most lively parties in the world are now more accessible from the Algarve, Alentejo and Southern of Spain.