The Fall: for many, the best time of the year to travel

There’s no doubt that leaving the city when summer hits is wonderful. It’s hot in the city, the kids are on vacation, we are tired from the first half of the year that’s already behind us and the heat does not help us keeping up with the routine… one starts feeling the need to rest.

Summer vacations are not always as idyllic as one imagines. It seems that, in the summer, everywhere is crowded: there are line-ups for ice cream or to get a table, and one ends up sharing the space with too many people. For these reasons, and also because today Autumn kicks-off, we share some insights into why Fall is a beautiful season to travel.

Do you still have some remaining vacation days until the end of the year? Here we go.

1. There are fewer tourists

… which means that your vacation can truly be a moment to relax. There are no line-ups, no need to book things in advance, no waiting time to take that special photo… all you need to do is to let life roll-by, without having to craft detailed plans and anticipate every step of your time off. Isn’t this an incredible benefit?

2. Get more for less

A direct consequence of fewer tourists is that high-season prices tend to go down as well. This is true for flights, hotels, organized activities and restaurants. Everything is equally as good – just less expensive.

3. The temperature is just right

Behind you will be the hot summer temperatures, and with them those days when it’s too hot to go anywhere. You can also say goodbye to the dreadful heat that ends up in too many sleepless nights. While the heat is gone, the cold winter days are not here yet, rendering Fall as a beautiful traveling season. You will have the right temperature to walk around.

4. It’s easier to book your vacation days for Fall than in the Summer

Let’s face it: most people rather take their time off in July or August. Competition is high at work to get vacation days during this period. From September onward, this issue ceases to exist: you choose when to go, and chances are, you’ll get those days without hesitation.

5. Take advantage of regional/national holidays

Have you noticed that, in Autumn in Portugal, you have many national holidays? October 5th, November 1st, December 8th… at least two of these days fall either on a Thursday or on a Friday. Why not enjoy a long weekend to travel, so you can save up your vacation days for later?

6. Cities come back to life with new cultural activities

It seems that everything related to culture gains more strength in the Fall. New exhibitions, theatre plays, movies, opera, new restaurants and bars… The social and cultural offer of cities is renewed and expanded with the new season rolling in.

Are you looking for a vacation where you can relax, disconnect and simply enjoy? Don’t hesitate – start enjoying your Fall.

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