There’s more to France than Paris! Nice is the second most-visited city in France and the fifth population-wise. So it’s not surprising that Nice is considered a great destination for both tourism and business.

Nice is located on the famous French Riviera. As a coastal city, it boasts magnificent beaches and is known for its long seafront avenues and the quality of the water. But don’t be fooled! Nice is not only beautiful and attractive in summer, but in winter too, since the city boasts a climate that is considerably milder than the rest of Europe. No wonder more than four million visitors come to Nice every year.

There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Nice. The city, which is famed for its beauty, offers a range of museums, beaches and parks, and the people are friendly and welcoming. We highly recommend the following museums: Matisse, with works by the famous painter; the unmissable Marc Chagall Museum, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts, with great works and collections; the Notre Dame de Cimiez Monastery, standing amid beautiful gardens; and the Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, richly decorated and considered one of the finest Russian churches.

As for the beaches, while most tourists are familiar with the beaches Blue Beach, Coco Beach and Neptune Plage, the locals know that the best one of all is actually Castel Plage, at the end of the Promenade des Anglais. And if walking is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities to go rambling: there are hiking excursions and groups that get together to go cycling. These outings afford spectacular views over the city and its coastline.

Nice is a fantastic city that lets you get close to both beach and mountains. And it’s just a short hop from the famous Cannes Film Festival that usually takes place in the month of May.

When it comes to business, Nice is right on the ball! The city is home to various companies and branch offices of many European and global organisations, including Air France, H&M, Akka Technologies, and Amazon. Nice is a major hub for industries such as hospitality and technology. Since it is a top tourist destination, Nice has also attracted French and foreign investors, consequently generating a significant increase in the city’s commercial relations.

If you are a student or a fan of nightlife and adventure, Nice has something for you. Want a memorable night out? Start by visiting the most Bohemian bars and pubs in the Old Town, or in other places, such as the El Merkado, Le Plongeoir or Pompei; then move on to the clubs, such as the Le Glam, Le Ghost or the High Club.

In February, Carnival comes to Nice. This festivity is one of the best known in France and is extremely popular with both locals and casual visitors every year.

You can fly to Nice from Faro Airport in 2h35. If you live in the Algarve, Alentejo or southern Spain, Nice is just a short hop away. Fly there with easyJet on Mondays or Fridays. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today – make unforgettable memories. A weekend is plenty of time to explore and enjoy Nice.

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Le Bistronome, CITRUS, Restaurant Le Panier


La Villa Nice Victor Hugo, Hôtel Monsigny, Hôtel 64 Nice


Castle Hill, Parc forestier du Mont-Boron, Le Jardin Albert 1er


A stroll along the seafront on the Promenade des Anglais


Galeries Lafayette, Nice Etoile, Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya


Le Plongeoir, Tribeca Kitchen & Wine Bar, Master Home


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