On 27 April, Holland will be celebrating its best-known public holiday: King’s Day. Koningsdag, to give it its Dutch name, is an amazing party, celebrated pretty much everywhere in the land of tulips. The day commemorates the reigning monarch’s birthday, so since 2014 it has taken place on 27 April – King Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

Fancy taking advantage of the date to explore the land of windmills?

We can give you five good reasons to travel to Holland and experience this incomparable public holiday:

1 – Orange is the new black: Everybody wears something orange, the country’s most famous colour!

2 – Party hard: Shows, performances, flea markets, street parties… day and night!

3 – Say “cheers” with beer, but don’t forget the coffee shops.

4 – The whole city is partying – in the streets, pubs and even on the canal boats.

5 – There are various direct flights from Faro Airport. Amsterdam is just three hours away – and is the liveliest city of all! You can even go there just for the weekend.

Fancy experiencing this very special day?

Go there from Faro Airport!

Koningsdag is a simply unique and very exciting party. If you were looking for a time (or a reason!) to visit Holland, this is the opportunity. You will be able to visit the tourist attractions and also be a part of the culture and traditions.