Gothenburg: Cultural outings and shopping

Gothenburg is the second most-visited city in Sweden but is in no way inferior to the country’s capital Stockholm. The city is clean and organised, the people are very friendly and there are plenty of things to do.

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Gothenburg is an attractive city at any time of year and with two airports, trains, trams and even boats, it’s easy to get around. The city is a real draw as far as leisure and culture are concerned. It breathes music and is considered the cradle of pop music. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra also captures the attention and is worth a visit, as are the theatres, casinos and concert halls.

Apart from Liseberg Amusement Park – which you really must visit – the local museums are also very enjoyable. Universeum is a very interesting and well-known science centre that also offers a range of recreational activities. Other museums include:

  • Aviation Museum (Aeroseum): recounts the history of aviation;
  • The Museum of Gothenburg, the Stadsmuseum tells the story of the city;
  • The Konst Museum: famous works of art;
  • The Volvo Museum is also worth visiting.

A tip: People under the age of 25 can get into any museum for free!

Just an hour away from the city you will find the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago, a series of heavenly islands that attract large numbers of visitors, especially in summer.

As far as shopping is concerned, Gothenburg has a bit of everything: market stalls, traditional city-centre shops and large shopping centres. The prices are attractive and you will easily find big- and small-brand items.

Gothenburg is a favourite destination for this summer and you can fly there direct from Faro Airport with SAS Scandinavian.



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