Digital nomads: The new dimension of online!

They reconcile technology with professional activity. They are people, of different ages, places and sectors of activity and who have the possibility to work at a distance! All they need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection. Their work is done remotely… from anywhere in the world!

The logic is to do what you like but having the freedom to be where you want to be. Today you’re in Faro, next week in another city and the next week you decide where you want to be! The Digital Nomads platform can help you decide the destination or meet other nomads along the way. And if you’re already or want to become a digital nomad, meet 7 European cities here, and with direct flights from Faro:


The capital of Germany is a safe city with easy access to good Internet services. Modern and dynamic, it has lots of entertainment and many green spaces to relax and stimulate creativity. It is a spacious city with no excess of people. This city is ideal for doing business! It is frequented by many digital nomads during the year. According to the Nomadlist website, the monthly cost of living for a nomad is about EUR 2,602. One of the many places for coworking is the Betahaus, with a monthly cost of about EUR 160. It is important to take into account that Berlin has a usually cold and humid climate, with low temperatures for most of the year.


The Capital of the Czech Republic is a safe and very accessible city to live in. It has easy access to a fast internet. Full of monuments and impressive places to visit, it has many inviting cafés and esplanades for long hours of outdoor work. Prague is not yet a common destination for digital nomads, but to be explored. One of the most recommended places for coworking is Impact Hub. The climate in Prague can reach very low temperatures but in June, July and August it often reaches 27°C.


The capital of Spain also guarantees fast and easily accessible internet. The cost of living according to the Nomadlist website is approximately EUR 3,032.82/month. This city, famous for the quality of its day and night entertainment, offers those who visit it many bars and discos. Gardens, parks, cafés with esplanades… There are several places where you can work! The quality of the public transport network guarantees easy access to all points of the city which is one of the reasons to be one of the destinations of choice for digital nomads. The climate in Madrid is quite cold in the winter months, with temperatures sometimes below 0° and hot in the summer months often exceeding 30°.


The capital of Austria is a city that attracts business and many business travellers. The city offers entertainment and glamour along its avenues decorated with cafes and restaurants, many with esplanades and internet access. Although incredibly inviting, it is a city still little visited by digital nomads. The climate in Vienna is “softer” than other Austrian cities, but if the summer is mild with temperatures between 20 and 30°, in winter it’s usually snowy and temperatures can be as low as minus 15° (!).


The 2nd largest Portuguese city guarantees good internet quality and easy access anywhere in the city. Located by the Douro River and by the sea, it has a mild climate with rainy winters, but mild summers. This city is full of history and charm. There are the esplanades, cafes and gardens, where you can work while relaxing. Although Porto is one of Portugal’s main tourist spots, it is still not much visited by digital nomads. We recommend Porto i/o as a coworking spot. Ah! If you come to Porto, don’t forget to try a Francesinha(local sandwich) during your lunch break. You’ll see it’s worth it!


London is multicultural. More than 300 languages are spoken daily in the city. For this reason alone it was worth including the English capital on your wish list! It is a destination of choice for many digital nomads, both in winter and summer. London is a city that overflows with creativity, where the headquarters of many multinationals are located. Modern, dynamic and stunning, it combines palaces, museums and historic bridges with fantastic gardens, cafés and esplanades. One of the most visited places for coworking is the 90 Main Yard. Famous for its fog and rainy weather, London is not a city of extreme cold and heat, ranging from 0 to 30° in the winter and summer months.


Paris is a city worth visiting. Anyone who has never visited Paris should do it. Whoever has visit it will like to come back! The capital of France, is a city frequented by many digital nomads during the year. The City of Light offers several places to work, one of them being Numa. On days off it has many places to visit: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, île de la Cité, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orsay Museum… And on other days you can vary and work at Les Deux Magouts esplanade, at Flore Café on St. Germain de Prés Avenue or in one of the city’s parks and gardens.

Embrace a new way of living and combine work with travel! All the destinations we suggest above are within 1 direct flight from the Faro Airport. If you are already a digital nomad, take advantage of our tips and explore the cities you don’t know yet. If you are not yet but dream of an unforgettable life and work experience, check out our tips.