Recognized worldwide as a tourist destination, Amsterdam is more than just fun! It is also the financial and business capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is characterized by extraordinary performance in the indexes of habitability and economic stability. It is placed in the top places of the world in terms of technological development, talent, tolerance and quality of life. Amsterdam plays a vital role in the agrifood business, with Holland being the world’s second largest exporter of agrifood products and flowers, including the famous tulips. The city’s port is the most important in the world for cocoa beans – it controls a quarter of global production. The famous Heineken Brewery, which produces 171.7 million hectoliters of beer per year, is the third largest in the world.

Amsterdam is well served with regard to airports. Schiphol is served by 104 airlines, flying to 98 countries and offering over 320 direct flights. It is also easy to get in and out of the country via the rail link to various destinations in Europe. It is also very well equipped with regard to urban public transport. The tram is a great option for longer distances and for being a flat and attractive city, walking is an excellent option. If you are adventurous, you can always rent a bike and get in with the wheels in the frenzy of the city. Speedy transit along with thousands of tourist and even automobiles can make this experience a radical adventure!

As business trips should’t be just about business only, Amsterdam will not disappoint on your in-between meetings or after work. This vibrant, young and laid-back city has programs and fun for all tastes. This includes some of the most iconic museums in the world, the extravagant Red-Light District, the famous coffee shops, the canals and the locks.

If you’re treating a client to a meal, you may want to choose a restaurant that will impress your client. The elegant and exclusive Brasserie Ambassade meets all requirements. With a fantastic central location overlooking the canals, it combines the art-filled interiors with the quiet and perfect atmosphere for a business lunch or dinner. This sophisticated space is also notable for its exceptional classical French cuisine. Do not forget to also stroll around in one of the many green spaces that the city offers. The Frankendael Park or Vondelpark undoubtedly deserve your visit.

If you still have time to visit the famous attractions of the city, we suggest the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt House and the Anne Frank House. If you only have a few free hours and you want to get a general view of the city, insist on a boat trip. It is a faster way to see the canals, locks, the typical houses. With the hop-on hop-off solution that is possible in some operators you will be able to “jump” out of the boat whenever something on the shore arouses your interest.

Accommodation in Amsterdam is complete and diverse. Also, here it has solutions for all tastes and wallets. There truly is not the perfect hotel as it depends on many subjective factors and they vary from person to person. In any case the Conservatorium Hotel is appointed as an excellent choice for those who go to Amsterdam on business.

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Luitenant Cornelis and Brasserie Ambassad


For a quick, simple and informal meeting, there are several cafes and pubs, but the Bakers and Roasters Centrum is close to everything – beside the great cafe, it has a full menu of fast food.


Try the typical Stroopwafel (caramel-stuffed biscuit), eat Kibbeling (fried cod snack with potatoes), try the traditional apple tarts and the Poffertjes (mini-pancakes) - not to mention the delicious Dutch cheeses.


Something more than cheese and pancakes.



Stroll around the red light district and walk or bike down the street amidst the crowds of tourists and locals.

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