Stockholm is one of the most-visited Nordic capitals. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm is also the Scandinavian country’s biggest city. Stockholm has some 960,000 inhabitants and you can fly there from Faro Airport in just over 4h25.

The city’s strategic geographical location allows easy access to Europe for travellers coming from other continents. Apart from its unique beauty, achieved through the perfect balance between the region’s typical nature and traditional and innovative architecture, Stockholm is a financial, technological, cultural and business hub in Sweden. This Nordic city is home to the country’s parliament and is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in; it is safe, clean and has an efficient transport system.

So the fact that Stockholm is synonymous with well-being and quality of life is nothing new. Not every city embraces traditional vegetation and incorporates it into its architecture as naturally as Stockholm does. It’s worth planning a walk around the city or a picnic in one of its many green spaces.

Ah! And did you know the Stockholm stands on 14 islands?

The various parts of the “Venice of the North” are easily accessible by boat through the many natural canals that form, mainly in the Old Town. And many Swedes enjoy cooling off in the canals in summer.

When you are in Stockholm, be sure to visit the historical centre Gamla Stan, a neighbourhood replete with colourful houses and narrow streets. Other places worth visiting are the Vasa Museum, the outdoor museum, Skansen, the Drottningholm Palace, the Royal Palace, the Storkyrkan Cathedral and the Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s national museum. And if you still need more to fill up your time in the city, we can assure you that Stockholm has many other museums, theatres and operas.

Nature lovers will be spoiled for choice in Stockholm (and in the rest of Sweden too). For example, in winter and up until the end of April, you can sometimes see the northern lights. This is less likely to happen in summer but, to make up for it, the sun rises at 3h30 in the morning and doesn’t set again until after 10 p.m. If you enjoy Christmas and the festive season, why not take a short break to Lapland?

If you are travelling on business, Stockholm is a major financial hub where many companies and multinationals are headquartered. The city is big on technology and a major player in the tourism sector and service industry. Several banks are headquartered here. Stockholm is also a global centre for technology, innovation and start-ups – examples include SpotifySkype and King. The city is much sought-after by international investors and entrepreneurs, since it is home to many new and fast-growing companies.

Are you a student? Get ready for some great adventures and discoveries. Apart from its phe-no-me-nal nightlife, Stockholm has dozens of high quality educational institutions, including Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics. Stockholm is also a very multicultural city and its cafés are the perfect place to chill with friends and catch up on what’s been happening. And the city is famous for its music scene too (Lollapalooza anyone?), with various outdoor, techno, deep house and even folk music festivals.

Stockholm is a city worth exploring at any time of year. Pack your bags and fly from Faro Airport with Norwegian or with SAS.

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