Have you already decided in which city you will do your student exchange program or Erasmus? Or where to spend that long weekend? If not, you should consider Cork. The second largest Irish city and the third largest on the island, Cork is the main city of County Cork – and also the largest city of Munster.

Cork is a very hospitable city with a busy cultural life. Aligned with its quality education, Cork has been receiving more and more international students. The city has an excellent infrastructure, which is also why it is an advantageous destination for students. There is no shortage of shops, bars, pubs and nightclubs within easy walking distance.

Cork is famous for its tradition in music and arts, and this is reflected in the city. And forget about the car: the easiest way to go from one place to another is even on foot or by bicycle, although the public transport also works very well.

You will get used to the lifestyle and daily life of the city. The fact that Cork receives many international students makes the nightlife something unforgettable.

Cork is the perfect city for your student exchange program or Erasmus, or for a quick getaway. There you will find a true balance between your studies and leisure moments – it will be un-for-get-ta-ble!