Cologne: Leisure, culture and carnival!

Which are the first destinations that comes to mind when you think of traveling to Germany? Leaving aside the best-known and most traditional itineraries to the west of the country, we suggest Cologne, a beautiful, lively and friendly city.

Direct flights from Faro Airport, on Saturdays and Wednesdays by Eurowings, and on Saturdays and Fridays by Ryanair!

It’s hard not to fall in love with this fascinating and vibrant city, interesting at any time of the year. To observe the city from above, we recommend the KölnTriangle Observatory, a 103m high building that allows a 360º view of the city. Another must-see is a visit to the Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge, the Praetorium, an archaeological zone and if you have time, take a boat trip on the Reno River.

A few meters from the Reno River, a program that can not miss on your trip is to know the Alter Markt. A few minutes’ walk from Cologne Cathedral, the Alter Markt is a large market square that now houses outdoor activities and many bars and restaurants.

For your trip to be complete, we suggest you also include some local activities such as walking along the banks of the Reno River and having lunch in the charming Fischmarkt square, for example. For beer lovers, you can not fail to drink a Kölsch, the famous beer brewed in the city.

The must-see for the more lively is the Carnival of Cologne! It is one of the biggest street festivals in Germany and, perhaps, in Europe. The city receives about 1.5 million tourists during this party, and with great joy, fun and masked people, Carnival begins always takes place in the Alter Markt. The event starts on November 11, and runs through Ash Wednesday. Be sure to take advantage of this and other tips and get to know and love this city. What are you waiting for to visit Cologne from Faro Airport?



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  • Dates: March 31 to October 26

  • Frequency: Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday


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  • Dates: March 31 to October 26

  • Frequency: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

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