Digital Nomads: Destinations from Faro

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Do you like to travel the world and visit new places while working? We suggest 7 destinations to reconcile leisure with business. Get new ideas and experiences and travel from the Airport of Faro.


5 best New Year destinations from Faro

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Are you looking for a destination for the New Year festivities? Discover some of Europe's most lively options that are just a flight away from Faro Airport.


Business Fairs and Exhibitions in Europe

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Franchise Expo Paris, Retail Design Expo and Signage Expo, European Wireless, Seafood Expo Global, Barcelona Building Construmat, Transport Logistic, FIN 2019, Open Expo, ANUGA and Web Summit... These are just a few of the business fairs and events taking place in European cities that you can get to on a single direct flight from Faro Airport. So what about expanding your business, starting now?


Weekend getaway: Cheap cities in Europe

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Do you live near Faro and looking for a destination for a weekend getaway? Get the multi-destination list for your mini-holidays - just 1 flight away from Faro Airport!