Berlin: Museums, history and a little bit of nightlife

Winter has come and with it, flight promotions from Faro Airport.

Direct flights to Berlin on Mondays and Fridays by Laudamotion, easyJet or Ryanair.

Berlin is a great holiday destination for lovers of history and culture; many leisure options and interesting programs are at your disposal. A place that can not miss the visit is Av. Unter den Linden. This avenue, which is one of the most famous in Berlin, brings together various attractions, such as: Berlin Opera House, Crown Prince Palace and Princess Palace.

Close to Av. Unter den Linden you will find the Museumsinsel – the Island of Museums – which gathers 5 internationally famous museums, and considered a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. Within the museums that are part of the complex you will find the New Museum, Old Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum. Just around the corner you will also find the unmissable Cathedral of Berlin.

As for public transports, you can rest easy! Berlin has an excellent service for public transport, options include buses, trains, trams and many subway lines.

In addition to nightlife, cultural areas and outdoor parks, you will find an endless array of restaurants and wonderful gastronomy from around the world – and of course, extensive German food options.

Be sure to think of Berlin as a destination for your next winter break. Check your trip, you will not regret to get to know this historic and modern city


  • Operated by: LAUDA MOTION

  • Dates: October 29 to March 29 

  • Frequency: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 

  • Operated by: RYANAIR

  • Dates: October 28 to March 30

  • Frequency: Monday and Friday

easyJet generation orange logo
  • Operated by: EASYJET

  • Dates: October 28 to March 30

  • Frequency: Monday and Friday

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