Do you know Toronto? Here are four reasons to get to know this key city, its gastronomy, culture and sport!

Fly from Faro Airport and enjoy the best that Toronto has to offer.

1 – Sport:

Toronto is home totop-level baseball, ice hockey, basketball and football teams.

But the city really likes baseball!

Thebest-known and most admired baseball team in Toronto is the Blue Jays and its stadium – the Rogers Centre– is the one with the most interesting architecture and also the most visited stadium in Toronto. It’s just one of the jewels in the country!

2 – Gastronomy:

Toronto has a varied and multicultural cuisine. If you like gastronomy,Toronto won’t let you down!

And if besides the good food also enjoys breathtaking views and a more exquisite environment, the ideal restaurant is 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower.

If you want to know the gastronomy in a more relaxed atmosphere, we recommend the food trucks, especially Beavertails and The Food Dudes.

3 – Art:

The city is cosmopolitan, cultural and breathes art!

Indigenous Canadian art is an important part of the city’s contemporary art scene. There are strong regional identities among the communities, bands and tribes of the first nations, the Métis and the Inuits. For all these reasons, Toronto’s ART Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is one of the best galleries in the country with more than 95 000 works of indigenous art.

4 – Bars & cocktail pubs:

If you like good cocktails, there’s nothing better than visiting the Belong Coffee, Belfast Love, Montecito e The Wickson Social.

To enjoy a great night of dancing and fun, we propose the Lost And FoundNest, CODA, or Maison Mercer. For those going on business, we recommend a little dancing at the EFS Toronto…the best way to relax after a day’s work! And who says older people can’t have fun? If the mood you’re looking for is more peaceful, try the The Reservoir Lounge to hear a good jazz or the Squid Far Away for more Latin American sounds!

Fly from Faro Airport and get to know this cosmopolitan, artistic and business city. Don’t miss what Toronto has to offer and book your trip!